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Do we really to spend hundreds on our IT when ‘we can try fix it ourselves’ if something breaks:

Every Small Business Owner or  Small Business Manager should have an IT Support Provider in 2019. This is probably the most important relationship or service you can have to secure the success your business into the future.

Obviously most  small businesses operate on a rigid budget that is not that of Microsoft or Facebook. So therefore, you’ll want to make sure you are getting good value for your expenditure.

The reality is that SMEs in Ireland today usually can’t fork out for a full-time experienced IT Consultant. This of course, is not surprising.

You hear a ‘but’ coming along. And there is one! Having a modest and limited budget does not mean you can’t and shouldn’t have a team of IT experts working for you. You just don’t hire them ‘in-house.’

You can outsource and get the best if you do your homework into the best IT Support Provider in your area.

Proactively looking after your business’ IT setup and putting in place an experienced IT Support Provider might seem like a luxury. However, it is really is a basic necessity in the year 2019 and beyond.

If you want your business to remain steady and to grow, you must invest in solid IT Support. An effective, experienced IT Support Provider should  be the backbone of your business surviving and being successful. Bluefox have wrote well on the merits of employing an IT Support Provider here as well.


1. Your Computer Network will not cause you any more problems

If  your network constantly crashes, runs slow and prevents you from getting work done, investing in a reputable IT Support Provider will end this nightmare forever.

You will no longer be  pumping money into your IT network only to have more problems and more expenses. You will also save your bsuiness money but not losing clients in the process. Efficiency drives better performance.

This means that your your staff is focused on completing client projects rather than trying to fix computer problems!


2. Your biggest Investment will be your best friend instead of your worst nightmare

 One of the biggest investments you will make as a business is into your computer network and the technology that runs your business. Yet research shows that most small business computer networks are unstable, costly to maintain, and unreliable at best. Plus, most are not giving the full return on investment they could, simply because they were not properly planned and implemented from the start.

The good news is that when properly applied, technology can give your business significant competitive advantages. It can greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees, and it can help you keep more of your hard-earned Euros in your pocket.

In order for any technology to give you these kinds of results, it must be designed to support your specific business, your goals, and your challenges. That’s where a reliable, highly skilled and research driven IT Support Provider will specialise for you.


3. You will Cut Unnecessary Costs & Stay Up-to-date

Outsourcing your IT department will allow you to slash unnecessary costs and save your business money in the longer term, while you innovate and develop your business.

Like all companies, IT Support Providers are there to offer their services for a fee, so it is in their greater interest to get to know you and your business specifics, employees, and your business needs. You, as their client, deserve to have delivered precisely what you need at a tailored, affordable rate for your business.

While you are certainly an expert in your line of work, the chances are you know very little about technology and how IT should be best applied. Therefore, getting in the experts is necessary. You wouldn’t try and do the electrics for your own house if you didn’t know what you were doing now would you?

There are too many hardware & software programmes in the world today to choose wisely from, in the absence of solid technical knowledge.

The purpose of an IT Support Provider and IT sales expert, is to educate and advise all 0f those various options for you. And to direct you exclusively to the best fit solutions for your business.

One of just many benefits of an IT Support Provider is that many of them have partnerships with external vendors. This means that they will get the most cutting-edge technology. This will be at the best rates and your IT Provider will be able to pass these onto you, the client and small business owner.


4. You can concentrate on running your business without worrying about IT

You probably know that a day of IT problems can knock you off track for hours at a time, for example,  having no email access, no vital communciatons with your clients and a loss of important files or folders. All of which can be disastrous.

You could even have total operational collapse, if a server failed for example, or if a power outage occurred.

You know that as a business owner,  time lost is money lost, so every minute with a server that crashed means putting the relationship with your clients at risk. It can also mean reputational damage and financial loss- neither are good occurrences!

Having an IT team by your side means that you don’t have to worry about computer issues ever again. You hire professionals to deal with issues that shouldn’t be of your concern in the first place.

This means that you and your employees would be able to focus on what’s really important – your business and getting the job done.

With managed IT services, you won’t ever have to deal with unexpected costly repairs and last resort investments, because the IT guys are there to prevent IT disasters. In essence, they will have backup plans and handle difficult situations quickly and effectively.


5. Increased productivity and organisational effectiveness

This is where the best IT Support Providers rise to the top of the pool. The key to optimum productivity, effectiveness and efficiencies in your business will be linked to the pace and level of responsiveness.

As well as making sure your technology is working properly in your business, an outsourced IT Support Provider MUST be highly responsive.  The quicker the repose, the less lost time your business will experience.

If you will put your company’s budget to good use in investing in your IT , do ensure you get a Provider with IT Engineers available by email and telephone within a long time frame during business hours and emergency callout options.

The IT Engineers and Consultants within your chosen IT Support Provider need to be capable of taking care of your issues right away.

Avoid employing any IT Support Provider that have long wait-times before addressing issues. Hint- it should be an average of 2-4 hours, much less for more minor issues. They must also have IT Support Engineers and Consultants who are appropriately qualified, experienced and have the requisite knowledge levels to be looking after your IT systems.

You can check this by doing your own research and checking the company’s credentials and their employee’s backgrounds online.


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