Remote Access

Remote access allows you work from anywhere in the world.

With more and more of our clients embracing Cloud Technology there is now an increased demand for remote access working.

Cinnte can help you work safely combing password management, antivirus, web filtering, encrypted emails, VPN and secure firewall.

Our clients have the ability to log onto a network from a home or off site location with the use of remote access software.

Our remote access software enables remote workers to dial in directly to their company’s network server.

Using a VPN staff can connect remote users or regional offices to a company’s private, internal network. Staff can share files and resources, as though you were physically connected on an in-house company network.

Cinnte works hard to safeguard employees online and recommends a proactive approach to password management.

Passwords should be reviewed monthly, we can set up a prompt to ensure passwords are regularly amended.

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