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Have you questioned why your IT Support Consultant only comes to ‘fix’ problems and when something is ‘broken’ in your IT setup? Do you ever wonder if these broken aspects of your IT system or IT network can be avoided by being part of a plan?

A question we often get here at Cinnte IT from small and medium business owners, is, “why do I need to be on a managed IT plan? Can’t I just pay you to come out and fix things when they’re broken?”

While that’s a legitimate question if we were talking about your washing machine or car, that’s definitely NOT the right approach to a critical and dynamic IT system that your company depends on.


Do I really need to be on an IT Support Plan:


The question of whether you should be on a proactive IT Support Plan depends on whether you are willing to risk failure of IT systems by only ‘fixing’ when things ‘break’ in your technology setup. You definitely don’t want to wait until something “breaks” before you try and fix a problem. If you are interested in learning more about our credentials, read about our recent Global certification in Cyber Essentials’ here.

One virus or hacker attack or one slip-up in your IT can cause permanent data loss. Having no strong disaster recovery mechanisms in place in an emergency situation is a massive red flag for your business.

This means that having an IT Consultant who only comes in the ‘breakdown’ scenario of IT is negative and why being on a proactive IT plan is progressive. Learn more about why IT Planning and disaster preparedness are important for your business.

In the event of disaster or IT crashes, it means extended downtime, a breach of GDPR, bad PR and damage to your company’s reputation. This is in addition to loss of customers and sales, and a host of other costly problems.


Why not being on an IT Plan can cost you in the long run:


If you are paying an IT Consultant on a casual basis when things break in your IT and need to be fixed, this creates a number of problems. That is because, under a “break-fix” model, there is a conflict of interest between you and your IT Support Consultant.

The IT Support Consultant or IT company has no incentive to stabilize your computer network or to resolve problems quickly because they are getting paid by the hour. This is dangerous because the risk of emergency circumstances is higher.

There is no proactive background monitoring done. Such as server checks, security updates, dark web scanning, data backup and monitoring or windows updates. This is basically a ticking time-bomb for your business’ IT.

So the more problems you have, the more a part-time, casual arrangement will profit an ad-hoc IT consultant without a plan in place.

Under this ‘break-fix’ model, the IT consultant can take the liberty of assigning a junior (lower-paid) technician to work on your problem. This person may may take two to three times longer to resolve an issue than a more senior technician may have taken to resolve it. So this means higher cost to you the small or medium business owner.

There is no incentive to properly manage the time of that technician or their efficiency, and there is every reason for them to prolong the project and to find MORE problems than solutions.


Why you need a proactive IT Support Plan in place:


IT systems for business need regular monitoring and maintenance to protect against a host of IT problems. This includes data hacking, malware attacks, glitches in  data backup, hardware failure, data theft & other security threats and for system efficiency. The list is long.

So if keeping your IT systems up and running is important to you – as is keeping your network secure from data loss and cyber crime, you must think hard about whether you should be on IT Support plan or not .

If you want to secure your business and your IT Infrastructure, the best option you should choose is an “IT Support managed services” plan.

This should be from a competent, trustworthy and reliable IT services firm. Forget about ad-hoc, casual IT Consultants who only call out when something has broken. This is not a good model for protecting your business in the long run.


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