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Technology improves efficiency, automates tasks and enables remote working. Office technology including Laptops and PCs have become very much integrated with day to day work life. Without PCs and laptops, we would simply struggle with daily tasks. To maintain office productivity and efficiency we recommend you upgrade your PC’s and Laptops every 4 years as computers 4+ years will become less productive and struggle with technical advancements.

These are the tell-tale signs when you know its time to upgrade

Blue Screen

If you are frequently seeing the “blue screen of death” this is a sign all is not well with your computer.

Unable to upgrade hardware

This can be a real issue if and there are no available or no compatible slots to upgrade a graphics, network or sound cards on your desktop. The same for laptops normally adding a bit more RAM is an easy way of prolonging a PC’s lifespan however some of the older laptops can’t facilitate additional memory or SSD upgrades. Newer laptops are supplied with USB 3.0, Thunderbolt and HDMI connections with are replacing VGA and USB 2.0 connections. 


Older PCs and Laptops may struggle with security as they may not be running on the latest operating system. This could leave your office open to security issues as these devices which aren’t running on the most current & strongest security and could prove to be the weak link in your organisation.

Noisy Fans and Overheating

If you notice your devices are running noisy and overheating this may be due to your CPU working harder and causing components to overheat. The heat can cause damage to internal components. 

Slow when stating up and shutting down

If your PC or laptop is taking a lengthy time to start up or shut down, this could be a sign your running out of space on your computer hard drive.

Software requirements

Conflicting hardware and software applications, your computer is struggling to keep up with the latest applications as a result your applications will run slow. Updating software will of course take up more space and require more system resources and could actually slow down your system. 

Running Multiple Applications

Your PC or Laptop can’t cope with running multiple applications, your unable to quickly jump between applications and your system is constantly crashing.

Your requirements have changed

You perhaps require a more portable / mobile Solution for business trips. 

New devices are much lighter for example Microsoft Surface Pro & Go options, and some other manufacturers offer ultra-lightweight options.

Limited Battery Life

Order Laptops batteries require more frequent charging in comparison to current laptops which achieve up to and exceeding five hours of standard usage.

Not just ready to upgrade? Check out our quick fixes!

If you not ready to invest you could also consider some quick fixes to improve the quality of your day to day work. We would recommend you clear down any large files or hardware you no longer require to improve efficiency. Look at upgrading your hard drive by replacing your HDD for the much faster SSD (solid state drive) your data is simply cloned to the new drive. Also adding more memory/ RAM should help. You could consider a larger PC monitor, older monitors tend to be 19″ or 21” we supply 24″ as a standard size larger monitors enhances workflow.