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No Proper IT Disaster Recovery- Now this is something to be scared of

We ask you to stop and think about your business’s IT Disaster recovery this Halloween. If you are not sure whether your business has reliable data backups, or if they have been tested recently, then read on.

If you are still using tape drives to backup your data AND  you don’t have a written disaster recovery plan for your business, this is not good.  You’ve got a LOT more to be scared of this Halloween than ghosts and vampires!

Are you permanently losing your data? Or being down for days is scary to you, take a minute to read and evaluate on the biggest misunderstanding most businesses have about their backup system.


The SCARY Misunderstanding Most Business Owners Have About Their IT Disaster Recovery & IT Backup System

Disaster recovery is a concept all business owners should have in relation to IT.  IBM have written about planning for it here. You must have a disaster recovery plan in 2019, period. Unless you’ve been living in a tomb, you know you should be backing up your computers and server. But here’s something you probably DON’T know that will come back and “bite” you.

Simply having a backup of your data is NOT ENOUGH to guarantee you could be back up and running fast in the event of a disaster. 

Having a data backup merely means that you have a copy of your company’s data stored somewhere; it does NOT mean you have a way to instantly restore your network back to normal.  A shocking dose of truth most business owners discover after they’ve experienced a major network crash or data-erasing disaster.


Examples of where disaster recovery planning is needed

For example, if your network dies because of a hardware failure, your entire company is down, period. No e-mail, no printing, no accessing your database, customer records, and more. Until whatever caused the problem can be fixed (which might involve ordering replacement parts), your business is in big trouble. We strongly advocate a foolproof IT disaster recovery plan for your business. Disaster is preventable but it can happen. A power outage, cyber crime, cyber hacking, or natural disaster can all lead to disaster.

However, in terms of your IT, it is not the disaster itself we must focus on. It is having a  preventative disaster recovery plan in place to overcome any such event happening that matters most.


So You Reach For Your Backup Only To Discover…

Your information is there, but without a server, you have nowhere to load that information, and no way to access it. What IT disaster recovery have you in place?

We know that a backup only holds your data, not your operating system, settings, or software applications. So even if you can load the data, you can’t actually use it without re-loading all the software applications—no small feat.

Even IF you have all the software disks and key codes (most people don’t), it could still take days — possibly weeks— to rebuild, and the costs can run into the thousands.

3 Crucial Components To A Disaster Recovery Plan

1. Have One! As the old adage goes, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” When it comes to disaster recovery, nothing could be more accurate.

If something happens to your office, will your employees be able to work from home? Do you have an alternate plan for your phones? Where would you temporarily set up shop? How quickly could you get technology equipment you need to function like computers, scanners, or printers? How will you access the Internet? Make a point to document the answers to these questions.

2.  Onsite Server “Virtualization.” In a downtime situation, virtualization is basically a business owner’s lifeline to his business. Once only available to big businesses with deep pockets, this now affordable technology can literally get you back up and running just as you were before the disaster… in as little as 24 hours. If the disaster doesn’t take out your whole office, virtualization can have you back in business the same day. Here’s how it works. A second server makes exact copies of everything on your server—operating system, software applications and data—every 15-60 minutes.

3. Offsite Image of Your Server

Fire, flood, theft, natural disasters, or even faulty office sprinkler systems can physically damage your office equipment, including your server and your backup system.

Head this off by having an exact copy (an image) of your server’s operating system, settings, programs, and data sent daily to an offsite location. Also make sure this image can be quickly loaded on to a server and shipped to you. With this in your plan, a tornado could rip open your office and destroy everything. Yet you could be back up and running within a few days.


Want To Make SURE Your Business Can “Stay Open”
After A Disaster? Our FREE Disaster Recovery Plan Shows You How

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Plus, we’ll map out a disaster recovery plan for your company’s network so everyone in your office will know what to do if the server dies or your employees can’t get into your physical location.

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Happy Halloween!