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Cloud Antivirus

Cloud Antivirus solutions for your business

We use Cloud based Antivirus that protects your business from the latest Cyber-attacks. We monitor your systems 24/7 it to make sure your always protected.

Our Anti-Virus program scans & removes viruses it also features an auto update feature which scans for new viruses as soon as they are discovered.

These days, using the internet is a high-risk activity for every business, regardless of size. From users browsing inadvertently to websites that deliver malvertising, to drive-by downloads that immediately drop ransomware and other malware from a command and control server, uncontrolled web usage on the corporate network is fraught with risk. Our service enhances your network security solutions by increasing real-time protection against known malicious threats, unauthorised network access, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, whilst improving visibility and control over internet access

We can set up this internet threat prevention layer in just a few minutes to protect your network by controlling internet usage across all devices using your WiFi connection, including Windows® operating systems, Linux, Apple® devices, and Android® devices.

We can tailor a solution to comply with your internet usage policies, Company/ HR policies for example blocking adult or gambling sites.

Employee devices can even be protected when off site. We can also offer reports detailing the most common categories visited.

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