What Are Cloud Solutions?

Cloud services encompass everything from email applications, file access, accounts packages, bespoke software for your industry & data backup.


Some of the more recognised providers of Cloud Services include:

  • Microsoft Office 365 & Google Apps for email, calendar & file storage with remote access

  • Xero & Quickbooks for accounts

  • Amazon AWS for applications development and hosting

  • Storagecraft for server backups and cloud Imaging

  • Webroot for Antivirus, DNS Filtering & Cyber Security training

Why Choose Cloud Solutions?

Cinnte Technologies are experts at helping small & medium businesses use the “Cloud” to help them become more efficient and profitable. Talk to us today about our vast range of cloud services. To put it simply, the cloud solutions offer business access to great software without the upfront costs of traditional IT systems.


There are numerous benefits to using the cloud which includes:

  • Easy access

  • Cost savings

  • Rapid roll out

  • Excellent reliability and performance

Experts in both Google Apps & Microsoft Office 365

A reliable, secure, easy to use email system is critical to running a successful business. We have experts in both Google Apps & Microsoft Office 365. Offering you Cloud Back up & Document Management.

As an IT Provider who supports Office 365, we know you’ve run into a LOT of problems:


  • Problems with billing to the point of your account being shut down or limited because of payments not being applied to your account properly.

  • Problems getting a hold of anyone with the expertise and answers you need to licensing problems and questions about compliance.

  • Problems with navigating the complicated licensing of Microsoft Office 365, Azure, server licenses, etc.


If this describes some of your experience or frustrations with Office 365 or Google Apps, fear not! We have seamlessly migrated nearly 1,000 users to Google Applications & Office 365.

Remote Working Through The Cloud

With more and more of our clients embracing Cloud Technology there is now an increased demand for remote access working. Cinnte can help you & your employees work safely combing password management, antivirus, web filtering, encrypted emails, VPN and secure firewall.

Why remote working is so important for making your business agile:

  • You and your staff have the ability to log onto a network from a home or off site location with the use of remote access software.

  • Our remote access software enables remote workers to dial in directly to their company’s network server.

  • Using a VPN staff can connect remote users or regional offices to a company’s private, internal network.

  • Staff can share files and resources, as though you were physically connected on an in-house company network.

Free Office 365 & Google Apps Technology & License Assessment

We want to help businesses to have the most seamless, stress free use of their cloud technologies like Google Apps & Office 365. We want to make your life easier and your business run as smoothly as possible!

More often than not, companies like yours have been sold the WRONG plan because your current IT provider has little to no knowledge about Microsoft’s complex licensing plans. This results in all sorts of problems and over-payment.

As a Microsoft CSP and software asset management certified partner, we can not only save you between 3% and 7% of the standard licensing fees, but also eliminate the billing and customer support nightmares of Office 365.

Our team have deep experience with Microsoft’s licensing and can help you select the RIGHT plan for your organization, helping you to avoid over paying or getting more than you need.

We can also provide you advanced, senior-level IT support for Office 365 & Google Apps.  We can help you eliminate any of the problems & confusion around the product. We can also deliver customised training for you & members of your team to get the most out of Office 365 or Google Apps & other cloud technologies.

If you are a Business Owner with 13 or more devices, we have a great offer on at present! We are currently offering to send one of our Senior Technology Consultants, to review your current Office 365 licenses and discuss any problems you’re having with billing, support or getting Office 365 to perform the way you’d like.

Totally Free, No Obligation

There is zero cost or obligation for this Free Cloud Assessment and we guarantee we’ll be able to instantly spot one or more ways to lower your costs or eliminate the problems you’ve been having.


We are one of an elite group of Microsoft Partners in Ireland. We work in conjunction with Microsoft & Google, to improve your experience with their products for your business.


Even if you decide not to utilize our services or engage with us as a client, that’s okay! You will find the information we share with you to be extremely valuable and eye-opening.




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