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Cinnte CEO to Speak about Cyber Security Awareness at Cavan event

Cinnte CEO to Speak about Cyber Security Awareness at Cavan event

Cinnte Technologies CEO, Mr. Danny Barr, will be speaking at a Cyber security Awareness Workshop in the Farnham Arms Hotel in Cavan. The worskhop is to educate SME owners on May 22nd from 9am-1pm and places are limited. You can also find out more from our event partners here-

The event will be free to attend for owners, managers or employees of companies, the self-employed in Cavan. More details can be found here of what Cinnte does in relation to cyber training for employees of SMEs.


Cinnte IT and what we do:

Cinnte Technologies is passionate about IT and the growing importance of online security to SMEs in the Cavan and nearby areas. Danny as our CEO has stated that, ” I want to create greater awareness of this among business owners and their employees to protect their organization and clients against online fraud. I will continue to reach out and educate SME owners and employees on cyber awareness and actively promoting safety and prevention of any cyber-crime or theft.”

We recently wrote about this subject here-

 The Cyber Security Workshop Overview:

The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to build their overall awareness of online security and improve their ‘cyber security hygiene.’ This will help SME owners to avoid the typical mistakes and stop being caught by cyber security breaches. This interactive course aims to make learning about cyber awareness easy effective and enjoyable.  It will introduce the world of cyber security and help participants to understand what they need to know and do to keep themselves and their workplace safe and secure. No prior knowledge or experience of cyber security is required to do this course.Key areas covered include:

Threats Overview: Malware, phishing & social engineering

Password Policies: Best practices;

Web Protection: What to look for; what to avoid

Email Protection: What to look for; what to avoid

Preventative Measures: Best practices for security at home and at work


How to book your place:

Places are limited so please book your free place as soon as possible at this link- Cybersecurity Awareness Course – Cavan Booking Link

*Please note this programme is for owners, managers or employees of companies, sole traders or self-employed or other private sector organisations or commercial semi-state companies operating in the Republic of Ireland.

How important is cyber awareness to your small business?

How important is cyber awareness to your small business?

Your Business and Cyber Awareness

Have you questioned how your business is applying cyber awareness on a practical level? Microsoft will introduce cyber changes to Windows 7 this year. This is important as most SMEs are using a Microsoft system.

The tech giant will end support in July this year if users don’t install new security upgrades by April 2019. In this regard, cyber awareness has never been more important for small business owners in Cavan and Meath.

Having the correct IT support services in place is critical to being ready for any cyber changes that emerge in future.

What do I need to know about Windows 7 and Windows 10 cyber changes:

Support for Windows 7 operating systems will be ending from January 2020 according to Microsoft’s official website.We aim to educate small business owners about what they need to be aware when it comes to cyber activity. You should check with your IT provider what they’re doing to ensure any Windows 7 changes for you run smoothly.

We are among the IT support providers in Cavan and Meath that are preparing businesses to move to Windows 10. We also want to help small businesses to install Windows 7 updates to help their business run efficiently.

What exactly are these cyber updates

The changes coming in March signal a cyber security upgrade for Windows 7. 

Currently, OS updates are double-signed using both SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms as the first algorithm has some weaknesses. In layman’s terms, Microsoft are making a better, more responsive and faster system for users, business and non-business.

Microsoft plans to discontinue it over time and move to the second algorithm, SHA-2 after 2020. Microsoft clients still using a 2008 server need to upgrade their systems and improve their IT and as a result, their overall business performance.

Target date for Windows cyber security updates:

We advise small businesses who have IT providers to make sure you don’t miss the different individual security updates taking place in April. Microsoft has said that it expects March 12th to be the date for the release of SHA-2 Code on Windows 7.

Everything should happen automatically, if you ensure these updates are enabled to take place in April and July.


What happens if you wish to continue using Windows 7 after January 2020 when support is officially being stopped by Microsoft:

It is going to cost you. A lot more than you would pay to use Windows 10. Updates from Microsoft to ensure that Windows 7 operated devices run effectively will be available for a time, but it will be more expensive that upgrading to Windows 10. The cost will also rise over years. So, for support for Windows Enterprise users using Windows 7 from January 2019-January 2021 will cost around €25 per device.

Should you consider an IT switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10:

It is worth considering a switch to Windows 10 for this reasons of cyber cost saving and effectiveness. The best laptops this year only operate a Windows 10 system as well. So if you want to use the best hardware on the market, we recommend that you consider using Windows 10 .

We will be posting in the near future on Windows 10 and how to upgrade to it. We will explain the benefits of upgrading and being more cyber aware and how it can help grow your business. Follow our updates for more updates on Windows 7 and other cyber changes your business should know about.

We will try to educate small business owners on any cyber changes such as Windows and help them move to more efficient systems like Windows 10 in future. If you are thinking of upgrading you systems to Windows 10, we can help you.

We offer network audits and can assess your IT hardware and software in 2 hours.

Our Engineers can assess in person and tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your current systems. Sign up and claim your limited free network audit for your small business in Cavan, Meath and surrounding counties.


Is it time to upgrade your office Laptops and PCs ?

Is it time to upgrade your office Laptops and PCs ?

Technology improves efficiency, automates tasks and enables remote working. Office technology including Laptops and PCs have become very much integrated with day to day work life. Without PCs and laptops, we would simply struggle with daily tasks. To maintain office productivity and efficiency we recommend you upgrade your PC’s and Laptops every 4 years as computers 4+ years will become less productive and struggle with technical advancements.

These are the tell-tale signs when you know its time to upgrade

Blue Screen

If you are frequently seeing the “blue screen of death” this is a sign all is not well with your computer.

Unable to upgrade hardware

This can be a real issue if and there are no available or no compatible slots to upgrade a graphics, network or sound cards on your desktop. The same for laptops normally adding a bit more RAM is an easy way of prolonging a PC’s lifespan however some of the older laptops can’t facilitate additional memory or SSD upgrades. Newer laptops are supplied with USB 3.0, Thunderbolt and HDMI connections with are replacing VGA and USB 2.0 connections. 


Older PCs and Laptops may struggle with security as they may not be running on the latest operating system. This could leave your office open to security issues as these devices which aren’t running on the most current & strongest security and could prove to be the weak link in your organisation.

Noisy Fans and Overheating

If you notice your devices are running noisy and overheating this may be due to your CPU working harder and causing components to overheat. The heat can cause damage to internal components. 

Slow when stating up and shutting down

If your PC or laptop is taking a lengthy time to start up or shut down, this could be a sign your running out of space on your computer hard drive.

Software requirements

Conflicting hardware and software applications, your computer is struggling to keep up with the latest applications as a result your applications will run slow. Updating software will of course take up more space and require more system resources and could actually slow down your system. 

Running Multiple Applications

Your PC or Laptop can’t cope with running multiple applications, your unable to quickly jump between applications and your system is constantly crashing.

Your requirements have changed

You perhaps require a more portable / mobile Solution for business trips. 

New devices are much lighter for example Microsoft Surface Pro & Go options, and some other manufacturers offer ultra-lightweight options.

Limited Battery Life

Order Laptops batteries require more frequent charging in comparison to current laptops which achieve up to and exceeding five hours of standard usage.

Not just ready to upgrade? Check out our quick fixes!

If you not ready to invest you could also consider some quick fixes to improve the quality of your day to day work. We would recommend you clear down any large files or hardware you no longer require to improve efficiency. Look at upgrading your hard drive by replacing your HDD for the much faster SSD (solid state drive) your data is simply cloned to the new drive. Also adding more memory/ RAM should help. You could consider a larger PC monitor, older monitors tend to be 19″ or 21” we supply 24″ as a standard size larger monitors enhances workflow.

Get Your Free IT Security Audit with Cinnte IT today

Get Your Free IT Security Audit with Cinnte IT today

Cinnte IT have been supporting business for nearly 10 years and we look after hundreds of computers for businesses like yours. The free IT security audit for your network is very straightforward. It will take around 30 minutes and our Managing Director will go out and review your current technology setup. We have developed a 27-point checklist that businesses need to have in place to have secure, fast IT. We will do up a report if we find any areas that you are vulnerable on. If you wish, you can work with your current provider, or ourselves to get them right to protect your business. See our article on how to know if your IT provider is keeping your business safe online here.


The benefits to you of having the IT security audit are:

1.You will get a list of recommendations to secure your business, become more productive and protect yourself from a disaster

2. You will learn what your competitors are doing around technology and what price you should be paying for your IT

3. A Useful independent report on your setup to discuss with your current IT provider to make sure your getting value for money


Why would you offer it for free?

  • We want to help prevent disaster from occurring in your business. We can identify the possibilities of that and identify any threats before it’s too late. For example, inadequate data backups, insufficient security on PCs and laptops. We know the pitfalls that can exist in the IT functions of a small business. We’re just trying to help other small business- we are a small business ourselves, so we understand the importance of IT and how vital it is to the success of small business.


Here are some Questions you should think about in relation to your IT and whether to get an IT security Audit for your business:

    • How often would your computers ever slow or crashing?
    • What is your IT provider doing in the background to secure your files and protect you from hackers or threats?
    • Would you be open to a competitive free analysis of what your IT is like?
    • How often do your IT providers call out to give you an updated of what they’ve been doing in the background for your hard- eared cash?
    • Are you locked into contract?
    • How quick does your current IT provider get back to you or your staff if you have issues?


Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are offering this to only selected companies who contact us for a limited period. Fill in our pre-audit form here today at this link, or contact us at info@cinnte.ie. Protect your IT and protect your business!

Cyber Crime Webinar August 2018

Cyber Crime Webinar August 2018


We recently ran a Free webinar for local businesses in Cavan, Meath, Monaghan advising owners on the risks of Cyber Crime and the growth of Cyber attacks.

Our webinar detailed  recent alarming cyber security tends and offered advice on how to be more aware of of cyber threats.