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How Office 365 Can Improve Your Business

Are your frustrated by Microsoft Office 365 products and wondering how to get the best of them?

Office 365 can improve your business by saving your business time and money but maybe you didn’t know this? You are perhaps perplexed by how it can work for you and how you can resolve migration and billing issues with Office 365 in the cloud.

If you are confused or think you are not getting the best value or experience for Office 365, let us help you and explain how it can save you time and money in the long run.

As an IT Managed Service Provider supporting Office 365 for many years, our IT Engineers understand that you will have run into some problems. Problems with billing to the point of your account being shut down or limited because of payments not being applied to your account properly.

You may also have had Problems getting a hold of anyone with the expertise and answers you need to licensing problems and questions about compliance. Problems with navigating the complicated licensing of Microsoft Office 365, Azure, server licenses, etc. You can read more about Microsoft Office 365 here also.


How we at Cinnte can make Office 365 better for you to use:

We aim to make Office 365 billing, jargon and use for our clients as seamless and easy as possible for end users like yourself who are in business. You can also learn more about how we can help you implement Office 365 for your business here.

We are one of a select number of Microsoft CSPs (cloud solution providers) in Ireland and our role is to always make the process of using Microsoft products as straightforward as it can be for our clients! We have migrated over 700 users to Office 365 for multiple organizations & businesses since 2011 when it was released by Microsoft.


Why You Should be Using Office 365 for Business if you are thinking of migration:

  • No upfront buying costs because it takes away the necessity for capital buying and therefore enhances your flow of cash
  • Very flexible insofar as you will be enabled to add more users easily and scale up or downwards based on business needs
  • Boost to your IT and your business from using up to date versions of software, providing access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office applications.
  • You can access your files and data anywhere and at any time through a stable internet connection using Office Web Apps.
  •  Sophisticated technologies such as Teams & SharePoint are more cost effective and accessible than ever before
  • Each separate 365 license allows you to operate 0365 on up to 5 different devices.
  • Security is increased considerably and Microsoft offers a 99.7% backup guarantee which means it is practically impossible that any files will be lost period. It offers advanced threat protection from suspicious users or devices and secure mobile device usage whereby employees use of company emails and other apps can be managed remotely if you have an IT policy and your IT Provider can and should manage this for you.


Are you still unsure about Office 365 and why you need your business:

Office 365 migration is a no-brainer for a business owner. There are many advantages for business, whether you need to improve your collaborative abilities, improve productivity, data backup and threat protection as well as better email capabilities, Office 365 does everything i says on the tin.

However, if you want to learn more about the specifics of rolling it out and how to implement it for your business, get in touch with us today and we will be happy to discuss your current Office requirements. Contact us by emailing us today at info@cinnte.ie and one of our team will get back to you ASAP!

Data Leaks- How Your Company’s Data Is Being Leaked Online

Data Leaks- How Your Company’s Data Is Being Leaked Online

Data Leaks- Is Your Company’s Data being leaked online?

Data leaks are becoming increasingly common and they can happen silently via a previously unknown entity. Indeed, there is a growing trend creeping into organizations of all industries and sizes in the form of unauthorized external: Shadow IT. Shadow IT are unauthorized cloud applications employees are using and downloading to perform work-related activities with company data. This can be file-sharing services like Dropbox or surveys such as Zoomerang. The list goes on and on.

Shadow IT is important to understand because if your employees are using these applications, they could potentially exposing you to external risks. These include hacking, system crashes & other IT disasters if they are not restricted. Shadow IT can include hardware, software, web services or cloud applications that employees turn to without IT authorization to accomplish their tasks and projects.


Why Should I be worried about Shadow IT & my employees accessing external cloud applications?

So what’s the problem? For starters, if you’re in a highly regulated industry like medical or financial services, you’re almost guaranteed to be flagrantly violating data privacy laws & the GDPR.

In addition, if you’re audited, you could end up facing BIG fines, not to mention legal fees and bad PR. Second, the barrier to entry is LOW.

Anyone with a browser and a credit card can purchase or enroll themselves into applications that integrate with your organization’s critical applications and/or store company data such as client lists, e-mails, files, etc.

Of course, not all cloud apps are bad, but you as the owner and your IT person or company need to at least be AWARE of these applications to determine if they’re a threat to security or a violation of data privacy laws, and simply to keep your confidential information, well, confidential!

Are all Cloud Applications bad & should we limit all   access to external applications?

Of course, not all cloud apps are bad, but you as the owner and your IT   person or company need to at least be AWARE of these applications to   determine if they’re a threat to security or a violation of data privacy laws.   Also and simply to keep your confidential information, well, confidential!

For starters, your IT company or person should be constantly monitoring your network for new and unknown software or devices. This can (and should!) be incorporated into routine vulnerability testing. If you’re not sure this is being done now, find out. As Intel founder Andy Grove once said, “Only the paranoid survive.”

How will I know how secure or in danger of data leaks my company is?

You won’t know ever fully know for sure until an independent IT Support Provider does a detailed assessment for you!

However you can establish  what applications are being used, you can set your company firewall to block applications you DON’T want employees to access with company data and devices, and allow those that are company-approved.

Also, make sure you catalogue these sites somewhere by user with the login information for that person.

If an employee leaves your organization or is fired, they may remember what the username and password are to these cloud applications and could use them to harm your organization or steal data to sell or give to a competitor.

Don’t put yourself at risk! If you want to learn more or would like a free IT Security Assessment with us to determine how secure & safe you are from the threats posed by possible data leaks, please click at the link and we will book you in for this complimentary 1 hour assessment with one of our IT Consultants.



Is Your IT Services Provider Holding You Prisoner?


Would you know where all your information is stored if your IT Services Provider left you in the lurch? 

If your IT Services Provider went away, would you know where all the passwords, data, software licenses and disks, key codes, and other important information were stored? Do you know how to log into your server? Do you know the passwords to all your employee’s workstations?

Do you know where your offsite data is stored and how to access it? Is your network documented so that another IT person could come in and pickup where they left off? If not, your IT Services Provider is holding you prisoner. 

Your IT provider is ‘seemingly’ be doing a good job, so you might not mind too much. However, you should STILL have him or her document your network in case they didn’t show up one day for work. We wrote about the importance of having an IT Services provider in recent times, but equally important is having a top notch one. You can also learn more about this here.

If you AREN’T really happy or aren’t sure what they are actually doing in terms of their work and aren’t sure if they are doing a good job, that’s all the more reason you should have this done.

Are you staying with your current IT Services Provider out of convenience or fear?

Occasionally we at Cinnte IT have came across potential new clients who aren’t really 100% happy with their IT guy’s work or what they’re being charged for. Yet they,  stay with them out of fear they will lose data, access to to their systems or worse. As one business owner to another, this is NEVER a good reason to stay with your current provider.


How To Know If Your IT Service Provider Is Doing A Good Job

Another reason business owners stay with their current IT Services Provider is simply because they don’t know what good service really IS. Therefore, they lowered their expectations. Over and over again I’m absolutely HORRIFIED by the incompetence and irresponsibility I discover when I audit most business networks.

In 98% of the computer networks I review, I find faulty or non-existent backups, security loopholes, shoddy reporting, and flawed systems. These simply cost more to maintain and don’t align with the operations of the business.

Plus, not a week goes by where we don’t get a ‘crisis call’ from a business owner with a major technical disaster that COULD have been prevented. Why do so many businesses pay for substandard computer support?

Simply because they don’t know how to truly verify that their network IS secure and end up having to take someone at their word.


 Here’s a quick quiz to know if your IT guy IS doing a good job. If your technician does not score a “yes” on every point, you could be paying for substandard support:

  • Do they answer their phones “live” and respond to support issues in one hour or less?
  • Are they remotely monitoring your network 24-7-365 to keep critical security settings, virus definitions, and security patches up to date?
  • Do they INSIST on monitoring an offsite as well as an onsite backup, or are they letting you rely on outdated tape backups?
  • Do they INSIST on doing periodic test restores of your backups to make sure the data is not corrupt and could be restored in the event of a disaster?
  • Have they provided you with written, network documentation detailing what software licenses you have, critical network passwords, and hardware information, or are they the only person with the “keys to the kingdom?”
  • Are they consistently (and proactively) offering new ways to improve your network’s performance, or do they wait until you have a problem to make recommendations?
  • Do they provide detailed invoices that clearly explain what you are paying for?
  • Do they explain what they are doing and answer your questions in terms that you can understand (not geek-speak)?
  • Do they complete projects on time and on budget, or does every project end up taking longer and costing more than you expected?
  • Do they offer any guarantees on their services?
  • Do they have other technicians on staff who are familiar with your network in case your regular technician goes on vacation or gets sick?
  • Do their technicians maintain current vendor certifications and participate in ongoing training, or do you feel as though they are learning on your dime?
  • Do they take calls from other clients while working on your network (and on your dime)?

If Your Current IT Guy Failed This Test, I Want to Give You A FREE Network Health Check To Make Things “Right”

If you’re NOT happy with your IT Services Provider (or even if you are) or you have a sneaking suspicion that they aren’t doing the best job possible, then call us in for a second opinion.

At no cost or obligation to you, we’ll come to your office and conduct a network health check to look for problems with your backup, security, speed, and any other problems that could lead to data loss, downtime, and high repair fees.

To claim this free service, simply email us at info@cinnte.ie or fill in our quick pre-assessment form it only takes two minutes!

Happy networking,

Cinnte Team!


Does Your Business have an IT Disaster Recovery Plan?

No Proper IT Disaster Recovery- Now this is something to be scared of

We ask you to stop and think about your business’s IT Disaster recovery this Halloween. If you are not sure whether your business has reliable data backups, or if they have been tested recently, then read on.

If you are still using tape drives to backup your data AND  you don’t have a written disaster recovery plan for your business, this is not good.  You’ve got a LOT more to be scared of this Halloween than ghosts and vampires!

Are you permanently losing your data? Or being down for days is scary to you, take a minute to read and evaluate on the biggest misunderstanding most businesses have about their backup system.


The SCARY Misunderstanding Most Business Owners Have About Their IT Disaster Recovery & IT Backup System

Disaster recovery is a concept all business owners should have in relation to IT.  IBM have written about planning for it here. You must have a disaster recovery plan in 2019, period. Unless you’ve been living in a tomb, you know you should be backing up your computers and server. But here’s something you probably DON’T know that will come back and “bite” you.

Simply having a backup of your data is NOT ENOUGH to guarantee you could be back up and running fast in the event of a disaster. 

Having a data backup merely means that you have a copy of your company’s data stored somewhere; it does NOT mean you have a way to instantly restore your network back to normal.  A shocking dose of truth most business owners discover after they’ve experienced a major network crash or data-erasing disaster.


Examples of where disaster recovery planning is needed

For example, if your network dies because of a hardware failure, your entire company is down, period. No e-mail, no printing, no accessing your database, customer records, and more. Until whatever caused the problem can be fixed (which might involve ordering replacement parts), your business is in big trouble. We strongly advocate a foolproof IT disaster recovery plan for your business. Disaster is preventable but it can happen. A power outage, cyber crime, cyber hacking, or natural disaster can all lead to disaster.

However, in terms of your IT, it is not the disaster itself we must focus on. It is having a  preventative disaster recovery plan in place to overcome any such event happening that matters most.


So You Reach For Your Backup Only To Discover…

Your information is there, but without a server, you have nowhere to load that information, and no way to access it. What IT disaster recovery have you in place?

We know that a backup only holds your data, not your operating system, settings, or software applications. So even if you can load the data, you can’t actually use it without re-loading all the software applications—no small feat.

Even IF you have all the software disks and key codes (most people don’t), it could still take days — possibly weeks— to rebuild, and the costs can run into the thousands.

3 Crucial Components To A Disaster Recovery Plan

1. Have One! As the old adage goes, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” When it comes to disaster recovery, nothing could be more accurate.

If something happens to your office, will your employees be able to work from home? Do you have an alternate plan for your phones? Where would you temporarily set up shop? How quickly could you get technology equipment you need to function like computers, scanners, or printers? How will you access the Internet? Make a point to document the answers to these questions.

2.  Onsite Server “Virtualization.” In a downtime situation, virtualization is basically a business owner’s lifeline to his business. Once only available to big businesses with deep pockets, this now affordable technology can literally get you back up and running just as you were before the disaster… in as little as 24 hours. If the disaster doesn’t take out your whole office, virtualization can have you back in business the same day. Here’s how it works. A second server makes exact copies of everything on your server—operating system, software applications and data—every 15-60 minutes.

3. Offsite Image of Your Server

Fire, flood, theft, natural disasters, or even faulty office sprinkler systems can physically damage your office equipment, including your server and your backup system.

Head this off by having an exact copy (an image) of your server’s operating system, settings, programs, and data sent daily to an offsite location. Also make sure this image can be quickly loaded on to a server and shipped to you. With this in your plan, a tornado could rip open your office and destroy everything. Yet you could be back up and running within a few days.


Want To Make SURE Your Business Can “Stay Open”
After A Disaster? Our FREE Disaster Recovery Plan Shows You How

Because it’s Halloween, we’re giving away a FREE disaster recovery plan to any of our clients who upgrade to our new backup service. This service will make sure:

• Your files are automatically backed up every night right over the Internet. No more rotating and storing tapes or running the risk of tape failures!

• Your data is safe from fire, floods, storms, viruses, hackers, hardware malfunctions, and human error!

• You can back up ALL of your data and not be limited to the size of your tape drive.

• Should a disaster occur, you can be back up and running the very next day…we GUARANTEE it.

Plus, we’ll map out a disaster recovery plan for your company’s network so everyone in your office will know what to do if the server dies or your employees can’t get into your physical location.

We normally charge €450 for mapping out a Disaster Recovery Plan but it’s yours FREE if you upgrade your backup before November 18th (we are extending this from October 31st)! To get started, call us at 0494360080 or send us an e-mail to danny@cinnte.ie!

Happy Halloween!


Why Every Small Business Owner should be using an IT Support Provider

Do we really to spend hundreds on our IT when ‘we can try fix it ourselves’ if something breaks:

Every Small Business Owner or  Small Business Manager should have an IT Support Provider in 2019. This is probably the most important relationship or service you can have to secure the success your business into the future.

Obviously most  small businesses operate on a rigid budget that is not that of Microsoft or Facebook. So therefore, you’ll want to make sure you are getting good value for your expenditure.

The reality is that SMEs in Ireland today usually can’t fork out for a full-time experienced IT Consultant. This of course, is not surprising.

You hear a ‘but’ coming along. And there is one! Having a modest and limited budget does not mean you can’t and shouldn’t have a team of IT experts working for you. You just don’t hire them ‘in-house.’

You can outsource and get the best if you do your homework into the best IT Support Provider in your area.

Proactively looking after your business’ IT setup and putting in place an experienced IT Support Provider might seem like a luxury. However, it is really is a basic necessity in the year 2019 and beyond.

If you want your business to remain steady and to grow, you must invest in solid IT Support. An effective, experienced IT Support Provider should  be the backbone of your business surviving and being successful. Bluefox have wrote well on the merits of employing an IT Support Provider here as well.


1. Your Computer Network will not cause you any more problems

If  your network constantly crashes, runs slow and prevents you from getting work done, investing in a reputable IT Support Provider will end this nightmare forever.

You will no longer be  pumping money into your IT network only to have more problems and more expenses. You will also save your bsuiness money but not losing clients in the process. Efficiency drives better performance.

This means that your your staff is focused on completing client projects rather than trying to fix computer problems!


2. Your biggest Investment will be your best friend instead of your worst nightmare

 One of the biggest investments you will make as a business is into your computer network and the technology that runs your business. Yet research shows that most small business computer networks are unstable, costly to maintain, and unreliable at best. Plus, most are not giving the full return on investment they could, simply because they were not properly planned and implemented from the start.

The good news is that when properly applied, technology can give your business significant competitive advantages. It can greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees, and it can help you keep more of your hard-earned Euros in your pocket.

In order for any technology to give you these kinds of results, it must be designed to support your specific business, your goals, and your challenges. That’s where a reliable, highly skilled and research driven IT Support Provider will specialise for you.


3. You will Cut Unnecessary Costs & Stay Up-to-date

Outsourcing your IT department will allow you to slash unnecessary costs and save your business money in the longer term, while you innovate and develop your business.

Like all companies, IT Support Providers are there to offer their services for a fee, so it is in their greater interest to get to know you and your business specifics, employees, and your business needs. You, as their client, deserve to have delivered precisely what you need at a tailored, affordable rate for your business.

While you are certainly an expert in your line of work, the chances are you know very little about technology and how IT should be best applied. Therefore, getting in the experts is necessary. You wouldn’t try and do the electrics for your own house if you didn’t know what you were doing now would you?

There are too many hardware & software programmes in the world today to choose wisely from, in the absence of solid technical knowledge.

The purpose of an IT Support Provider and IT sales expert, is to educate and advise all 0f those various options for you. And to direct you exclusively to the best fit solutions for your business.

One of just many benefits of an IT Support Provider is that many of them have partnerships with external vendors. This means that they will get the most cutting-edge technology. This will be at the best rates and your IT Provider will be able to pass these onto you, the client and small business owner.


4. You can concentrate on running your business without worrying about IT

You probably know that a day of IT problems can knock you off track for hours at a time, for example,  having no email access, no vital communciatons with your clients and a loss of important files or folders. All of which can be disastrous.

You could even have total operational collapse, if a server failed for example, or if a power outage occurred.

You know that as a business owner,  time lost is money lost, so every minute with a server that crashed means putting the relationship with your clients at risk. It can also mean reputational damage and financial loss- neither are good occurrences!

Having an IT team by your side means that you don’t have to worry about computer issues ever again. You hire professionals to deal with issues that shouldn’t be of your concern in the first place.

This means that you and your employees would be able to focus on what’s really important – your business and getting the job done.

With managed IT services, you won’t ever have to deal with unexpected costly repairs and last resort investments, because the IT guys are there to prevent IT disasters. In essence, they will have backup plans and handle difficult situations quickly and effectively.


5. Increased productivity and organisational effectiveness

This is where the best IT Support Providers rise to the top of the pool. The key to optimum productivity, effectiveness and efficiencies in your business will be linked to the pace and level of responsiveness.

As well as making sure your technology is working properly in your business, an outsourced IT Support Provider MUST be highly responsive.  The quicker the repose, the less lost time your business will experience.

If you will put your company’s budget to good use in investing in your IT , do ensure you get a Provider with IT Engineers available by email and telephone within a long time frame during business hours and emergency callout options.

The IT Engineers and Consultants within your chosen IT Support Provider need to be capable of taking care of your issues right away.

Avoid employing any IT Support Provider that have long wait-times before addressing issues. Hint- it should be an average of 2-4 hours, much less for more minor issues. They must also have IT Support Engineers and Consultants who are appropriately qualified, experienced and have the requisite knowledge levels to be looking after your IT systems.

You can check this by doing your own research and checking the company’s credentials and their employee’s backgrounds online.


If you would like one of our IT experts to call to your offices and carry out a free technology assessment, please click here and fill out this form and one of our team will revert within 1 business day!

Does Your IT Consultant benefit more from the ‘Break-Fix’ approach to IT? Why a Managed IT Support Plan is Best Practice for Protecting Your Business


Have you questioned why your IT Support Consultant only comes to ‘fix’ problems and when something is ‘broken’ in your IT setup? Do you ever wonder if these broken aspects of your IT system or IT network can be avoided by being part of a plan?

A question we often get here at Cinnte IT from small and medium business owners, is, “why do I need to be on a managed IT plan? Can’t I just pay you to come out and fix things when they’re broken?”

While that’s a legitimate question if we were talking about your washing machine or car, that’s definitely NOT the right approach to a critical and dynamic IT system that your company depends on.


Do I really need to be on an IT Support Plan:


The question of whether you should be on a proactive IT Support Plan depends on whether you are willing to risk failure of IT systems by only ‘fixing’ when things ‘break’ in your technology setup. You definitely don’t want to wait until something “breaks” before you try and fix a problem. If you are interested in learning more about our credentials, read about our recent Global certification in Cyber Essentials’ here.

One virus or hacker attack or one slip-up in your IT can cause permanent data loss. Having no strong disaster recovery mechanisms in place in an emergency situation is a massive red flag for your business.

This means that having an IT Consultant who only comes in the ‘breakdown’ scenario of IT is negative and why being on a proactive IT plan is progressive. Learn more about why IT Planning and disaster preparedness are important for your business.

In the event of disaster or IT crashes, it means extended downtime, a breach of GDPR, bad PR and damage to your company’s reputation. This is in addition to loss of customers and sales, and a host of other costly problems.


Why not being on an IT Plan can cost you in the long run:


If you are paying an IT Consultant on a casual basis when things break in your IT and need to be fixed, this creates a number of problems. That is because, under a “break-fix” model, there is a conflict of interest between you and your IT Support Consultant.

The IT Support Consultant or IT company has no incentive to stabilize your computer network or to resolve problems quickly because they are getting paid by the hour. This is dangerous because the risk of emergency circumstances is higher.

There is no proactive background monitoring done. Such as server checks, security updates, dark web scanning, data backup and monitoring or windows updates. This is basically a ticking time-bomb for your business’ IT.

So the more problems you have, the more a part-time, casual arrangement will profit an ad-hoc IT consultant without a plan in place.

Under this ‘break-fix’ model, the IT consultant can take the liberty of assigning a junior (lower-paid) technician to work on your problem. This person may may take two to three times longer to resolve an issue than a more senior technician may have taken to resolve it. So this means higher cost to you the small or medium business owner.

There is no incentive to properly manage the time of that technician or their efficiency, and there is every reason for them to prolong the project and to find MORE problems than solutions.


Why you need a proactive IT Support Plan in place:


IT systems for business need regular monitoring and maintenance to protect against a host of IT problems. This includes data hacking, malware attacks, glitches in  data backup, hardware failure, data theft & other security threats and for system efficiency. The list is long.

So if keeping your IT systems up and running is important to you – as is keeping your network secure from data loss and cyber crime, you must think hard about whether you should be on IT Support plan or not .

If you want to secure your business and your IT Infrastructure, the best option you should choose is an “IT Support managed services” plan.

This should be from a competent, trustworthy and reliable IT services firm. Forget about ad-hoc, casual IT Consultants who only call out when something has broken. This is not a good model for protecting your business in the long run.


 Fill Out the Form Below to Learn about IT Support & Get your Free IT Consultation:


If you are a business owner and have at least 12 or more PCs or laptops, and want to learn more about IT Support plans  contact us at Cinnte Technologies today for your FREE IT CONSULTATION. We are your IT Support Provider with almost 10 years’ experience in the business. Please fill out the form below and one of our team will contact you on the same business day!