Till Fraud Detection

Till Fraud Detection System
Cinnte Technologies is one of Ireland’s leading supplier and installer of till fraud detection systems. Cinnte Technologies till fraud detection system is proven to be one of the most effective means of eliminating internal fraud. Employee theft is a very real challenge for Irish employers. According to a recent survey by Retail Ireland, 39% of Irish retailers have experienced theft of stock by employees.

Till Fraud Detection Our innovative POS integration is a complete solution for both new and existing CCTV installations. This technology gives you total control and peace of mind. With POS integration you can now view the most important part of your business from any location.

This revolutionary POS solution allows you to capture transaction data from your point of sale equipment, displaying it on both live view and playback. Smartphone viewing will enable you to stay connected to your business from anywhere in the world!

You can link the majority of cash registers to a CCTV system to protect your business against till fraud. This allows you to monitor the sales transactions of your goods/services, which provides good inventory control and protects against theft.