Security, Anti-Virus & Encryption

Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Spam and Rootkits are the bane of every computer users. They cause system slowdowns, blue screens, anomalous error messages and in worst case scenarios, data loss.

Anti-VirusWhile no computer system in your average office environment will ever be one hundred per cent immune from threats, Cinnte Technologies strive to make your systems as secure as possible.

It is vital that companies take steps to protect the important data and files held on computers and servers. There are many different security options available ranging from simple firewalls, spam filters and anti-virus software, to more sophisticated encryption and radius solutions.

Webroot-BannerAt Cinnte Technologies, we will look at your security and anti-virus requirements and devise the most cost effective and reliable solution that integrates with your business needs.

• Take advantage of our free security audit
• Choose from a number of industry-standard security and anti-virus products
• Get expert advice on how to protect your PC

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