Disaster Recovery & Data Backup

Cinnte Technologies data backup is an online backup service allowing you to pay a monthly subscription for your information to be backed up for disaster recovery and long term retention.

backupThe service is a fully managed remote storage solution and all of your data is held off-site. It removes the burden and worry from backing up by automating the process. Your data resides in our local Data Centres and can be remotely restored at the touch of a button anytime, anywhere.

Your systems and files are subject to hard drives crashes, viruses, and accidental deletions not to mention laptops that get lost or stolen.
Your data is the lifeblood of your business. Imagine how long it would take to recreate all the data your business relies on. Every year numerous businesses fail simply because they fail to backup and even if they do backup the backup often fails. Every year 13% of hard drives fail. With hard drives it’s not so much a question of if but of when a hard drive will fail.
Cinnte Technologies data backup guarantees your business data is 100% safe and rapidly recoverable 24/7.

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